Obelisk Quest / Vault of Time

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5 years ago#1

This is probably a dumb question, but ... I have all the obelisk clues, but missed the June 24 date to get the key to the vault of time. Any way to go back for it, or do I have to wait a year of game time for that?

It's 2 game-days later, and I just entered the Plane Between Planes, but I have a Beacon set to Murmurwoods.

5 years ago#2

May have just answered my own question ... went back to Murmurwoods & killed all the unicorns & found no Unicorn King. Drat.

5 years ago#3

Also, I placed the flute in a chest in the Merchant's House in Ravenshore, and lost it when it regenerated ... can I get it back?

5 years ago#4

Turns out neither thing mattered ... I never got the key from the Unicorn King, and never got the flute back ... even tried going to the Seer for the "I lost it!" option, and got all kinds of stuff back I didn't care about - but not the flute. Oh well, maybe next time, I was able to win without both, though I'd like to have seen those artifacts.

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