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How long is the game? (Archived)biorock486446/5 3:02PM
When I think about it, the final boss was a huge missed opportunity. (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger25/24 7:23PM
Taylor Swift's newest song reminds me of this game (Archived)setyouupthebomb110/4/2014
Video Playthrough of Mischief Makers (Archived)InuYashaaa44/9/2014
Game is a classic. (Archived)NewportBox100s23/23/2014
Just broke this gem out the closest again. All the good memories come back to me (Archived)shadowthunder31/28/2014
Watched the youtube video in that other topic and I think the video... (Archived)UserDeForum211/20/2013
I'm really sad this didn't make it to the Wii VC (Archived)PedroMontana911/3/2013
So, after buying this game back in June, I'm finally starting. (Archived)El_Dustino89/21/2013
The Beastector looks like The Shield from the WWE!!! (Archived)lightgunfreak25/31/2013
I miss this game (Archived)Think_Phone13/24/2013
w00t! finally found the game! (Archived)pikmintaro91/6/2013
ONE MORE THING! did Professor Theo actually create Marina? (Archived)pikmintaro410/16/2012
There is one thing I've always wondered... (Archived)pikmintaro510/14/2012
A hero with shining armor is called! (Archived)Torgo_410/2/2012
NEED A SEQUEL REALLY Bad (Archived)X Falcon29/12/2012
Thank you, YouTube (Archived)Amesang37/11/2012
shake shake! (Archived)pigfish9914/27/2012
One of the best N64 games (Archived)Metroid_24/24/2012
Shortest way to decribe this game? (Archived)TooTooP272/7/2012
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