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User Info: Mezmorize99

6 years ago#1
PS1 Cheat Device Code for the USA release of the game:

All Internal Cheats Enabled
30095190 001F

Invincibility & More...
Press O+Triangle during game-play for Debug Mode
Press X+Square during game-play for Level and Coordinate Info
Press X+Square+Triangle during game-play to Skip Current Level

Goes to the highest level you've reached - W4RP
Remove Cheats - NTR0
Level 04 - TRSH
Level 07 - BR4T
Level 29 - 4RGH
Ghost Mode - GHST
To Debug: Hold both O+Triangle and use the directional buttons to pass through walls

Currently WRONG Passwords posted on GameFaqs:
Warp to level 07 - T1M3
Warp to level 29 - B4RH

User Info: Mezmorize99

6 years ago#2
Oh yeah, and with the all cheats enabled GameShark code on, you can also fly multiple times in a row...

Edit the code as you see fit:
30095190 00??

??=Hex Value
(Decimal values shown below)
00 No Cheats
01 Invincibility
02 Infinite Flying
03 Invincibility + Infinite Flying
04 Skip Level (X+Square+Triangle)
08 Debug Mode (O+Triangle)
12 Skip Level + Debug Mode
16 XY Info (X+Square)
20 XY Info + Skip Level
24 XY Info + Debug Mode
28 Skip Level + Debug Mode + XY Info
31 All Cheats
32 No Cheats

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