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7 years ago#1
I played this game when I was just a little kid and ended up with a chaos frame of 2. I'm replaying it now that I understand chaos frame a little better, but i have some questions. I've read tons of different articles, each having some things in common, each having some things that disagree. I just have a few simple questions.

I know that liberating increases Chaos Frame, and capturing lowers it. I also know that certain decisions you make (whether to fight Dio {gasp, spoiler!}at the beginning or not, etc). But I'm not sure about the following:

1. Does your chaos frame go down for Magnus killing lower level units than his own unit? (my.. "research" has led me to believe that that was just the old school Ogre Battle that was that way, but I'm not sure)

2. Does Magnus' age effect Chaos Frame?

3. Does killing entire units effect Chaos Frame? I'm fairly sure it effects alignment, but I don't know about Chaos Frame. I've read that it's recommended to kill a leader and then leave the rest alone, but I've also read that it has no effect on Chaos Frame, so.... Which is right?

4. Neutral towns: Do I liberate them, or leave them be? I've read that liberating a neutral town has no effect on chaos frame, but capturing it lowers chaos frame by the normal amount. Any input on this?

5. Liches/ogres/zombies.... Any effect on Chaos Frame?

I think that's all that I'm unsure of, but if you wanna tell me anything else, I'd be glad to learn something new. Hopefully I didn't miss anything.
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7 years ago#2
7 years ago#3
lol..i didnt even read it and all the answers are no

except you cant "liberate" neutral towns; its always a capture, even if the enemy captures it first
7 years ago#4
more or less this game is almost 10 years old if u think theres something that effects CF and you cant find it anywhere then it DOES NOT affect CF (yeah correct effect/affect FTW)

7 years ago#5
Thanks for the assistance I suppose? It's not so much that I can't find information as I am finding lots of contradicting information, and that affects my ability to effectively make my Chaos Frame what I want it to be.

Sorry about effect/affect. I'm not really paying too much attention to my grammar/spelling, considering 95% of Gamefaqs users don't care anyway. :D
Knives Millions is my hero.
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7 years ago#6

Those are the ONLY things that affect CF. God damn whoever started those rumors.
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7 years ago#7
I think we're pretty that that's not entirely true, mario.

not every choice you make (there are way too many to tell), but several of them do affect CF, from what I hear. Like when you choose between "I can't do it" or "... ... ..." at the execution, you'll get -20 CF if you choose the latter answer, which heavily impacts your CF, although it will probably not be apparent in the long run, since the nearest CF-crucial moment will be Leidel, followed by Sheen, both of which can be obtained with relatively low CF (if she only takes like 34, as long as you liberate a few strongholds every mission or so, or at least liberate three times as many as you capture up until this point, you'll have enough CF to get her. Then you can just drop it by a few points (capture every stronghold on the next map that actually counts your CF; afaik, Leidel's map also does not count your CF) to get Sheen as well, and then spend the rest of the game building it back up (or whatever else you plan on doing). Also, there shouldn't be any CF-altering questions or decisions up until this point (beyond the first one I mentioned), so it should be possible to have a clear idea of how much CF you have if you know what you're doing and you know which strongholds/maps are buggy/glitchy.

What I'm talking about are the few storyline missions that will not alter your CF no matter how many strongholds you liberate/capture, such as the early mission with Yumil's unit. We already know that guest liberations do not affect your CF, but in some cases (such as this one), your regular liberation/capturing won't count the way you think it will. Another example would be liberating (capturing) some strongholds that are neutral in other missions (not the one you are currently in, and not necessarily one you've already done) on the same map. Some strongholds just cannot be liberated, period, even if they are, never were, or never will be neutral strongholds.

Then again, the information here
could be totally false or misconstrued, and I apologize if that is the case. However, it looks pretty legit to me so I'm inclined to believe this guy.
7 years ago#8
hm nevermind what I said about your post

I somehow thought you meant that every liberation/capture/choice you make affects CF; I was reading what I wanted to read, I think
7 years ago#9
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Hope Frieza doesn't chuck an Iceberg at the Goku, otherwise it's all over. -Nekoslash
7 years ago#10
As far as neutral towns go, If you don't want a drop in your cf never go to them until after you clear that map. As they will always be a capture. There are also a few towns that no matter what you can never liberate them. They will also be a capture.

I can't say i blame the questions regarding this hidden stat, especially since dancing elf's faq is no longer here. I would direct you to neoseeker for that. It has pretty much anything you could possibly want to know about it in the faq.


she had it removed from here for personal reasons but it is still available to the public so check it out.
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