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Alignment and liberating and capturing towns

#1TidalResonancePosted 6/1/2011 7:13:16 AM
Does the alignment of a unit's leader determine whether a liberation or a capture of a town has occurred when that unit takes it?

Is it almost always recommended to have high alignment units take towns and cities in one wants a high Chaos Frame?
#2TidalResonance(Topic Creator)Posted 6/1/2011 7:20:03 AM(edited)
A thread on page two has posts indicating that one should match the alignment of the unit to the cities alignment.
#3TidalResonance(Topic Creator)Posted 6/1/2011 9:37:48 AM(edited)
Found all the needed information.

Match alignment with morale of towns and avoid taking control of neutral towns to raise CF.

I also read about the decisions that influence CF.
#4OgreRecruiterPosted 6/2/2011 8:55:06 PM
Meh this is how i see it..

0-24 is Chaotic
25-74 is Neutral
75-100 is Lawful

I have a Priest that is Neutral Lawful with 4 other Neutrals and she liberates anything from 26-74 =D... so she is my main liberator

then i have a Lawful and Chaotic units for those really chaotic towns and really Lawful Towns
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