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C/D This game should be higher than 8 on the top ten list (Archived)joeA31610/9/2013
What Level is Meredia supposed to be. (Archived)Taters660810/2/2013
Missing Wizards and all male spell casters (Archived)dxulander39/30/2013
Hypothetically, how difficult would modding this game be? (Archived)EnragedSlith59/30/2013
Playing around with emulator and gameshark codes... (Archived)Sekusen69/28/2013
unit unity (Archived)vagasso29/24/2013
Losing a battle with Magnus and have a alternative ending? (Archived)Vegeta900579/24/2013
So....Scene 4 with Prince Yumil (Archived)Davidgrayman19/14/2013
Do you think we'll ever see a remake or a port of this game? (Archived)WebsandWigs109/4/2013
By the way, who is Aeneas mother? (Archived)Vegeta900569/1/2013
I have all the equipment for Black Knight, but he's not showing up. (Archived)Vegeta9005108/30/2013
Cleric to Priest Change (Archived)LifePlayingGame68/27/2013
Scene 30 - Betrayal/Separate Ways question (Spoiler...?) (Archived)Vegeta900548/16/2013
Scene 18 - The Grim Path Evil Playthrought (Making peace?) (Archived)Vegeta900568/12/2013
It's possible to kill Liedel? (During her boss battle.) (Archived)
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So in Skyrim (Yes it is related) (Archived)JamaalCharles3928/9/2013
Theorycrafting the ultimate soldier (Archived)BaldwinGlendale108/8/2013
So Vampire Life Drain attack is based on DEX and VIT? (Archived)Vegeta9005108/8/2013
Ghost are kind of useless...? (Archived)Vegeta900588/7/2013
Supreme evil playthrought? (Archived)Vegeta900558/6/2013