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9 years ago#1
anybody there?????
9 years ago#2
still nobody.
maybe tomorrow.
9 years ago#3
9 years ago#4
Or the day after.
"Nobody ever wants to quote me." - Zolgear
9 years ago#5
Or the day after that.
Real Juggalo -MCL-
I am the Wabbajack!
9 years ago#6
holy crap, i'm not alone.
9 years ago#7
gung hay fat choy.
9 years ago#8
I'm here. I have this board on my faves for old times sake. I remember when there were all kinds of people here keeping the memory of Omikron alive.

Great game.
9 years ago#9
I'm listening to David Bowie's 'Hours' album and thought I'd check in here for a sec. Maybe we'll get a sequel to this game by 2025. Later, all!!
9 years ago#10
yeah i would go into the club just to hear the song.

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