omikron memories!!!!

#1sorta_hardcorePosted 6/17/2010 8:58:47 PM
congrats to quantic for the success of heavy rain! i know its recieved a bit of criticism but that game made me feel things in a game ive never experienced before! i really liked it! my mind travels back to the magical year of 2000 ad when i read a review of omikron on gamespot. i knew i had to have it! i thought it would be a wonderful stopgap for my shenmue obsession! and it was. every summer my family would rent a house from ocean city, nj. i drove over there myself. on the way over, i picked up a copy of omikron at the shore mall w dreamcast packed. at the shorehouse my little sister and i were absolutely awestruck! for some odd reason that week at the shore remains among one of the purest happiest moments of my life. the atmosphere within the game coalescing (sp?) with the feeling of the shore during summer. the feeling of discovering this magic little game w my sister, i remember the two of us freaking out over it while the rest of the family enjoyed the vacation completely oblivious to our joy for this game...its overwhelming to me in a way. gosh i really miss those times. nostalgia is a true double edge, isn't it? theres so much i could say about those times, the dreamcast in general, the context of it all, but the words fail me and i wouldn't expect anyone wanting to hear it anyway, but i think any real gamer is aware of this strong feeling we get when we identify a certain game with a certain time of our lives and the memorie starts branching off, unlocking long forgotten associated memories. in my experience, only games really do this for me. anyone else??