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4 years ago#1
Has anyone found D unit 1 without the help of a walkthrough, hint book, or help line, or another gamer who has access to one of those three things? I looked up its location in a walkthrough during my third playthrough, and my reaction was, "Wow, that's really random."
4 years ago#2
it isn't really random. but just something you wouldn't expect
4 years ago#3
bultje112 posted...
it isn't really random. but just something you wouldn't expect

LOL, thanks for the vocabulary lesson. :)

So, no one here's been able to find it unaided? Not that a lot of people patrol this board, but still, that's impressive.
4 years ago#4
It's one of the most out of the blue things that I've ever seen. They probably expected you to use a guide to find it along with nearly 25% of all the items in the game.
4 years ago#5
it was definitely programmed so very few got to find all of them. maybe as a way to increase replay value as well.

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