Beat the game. Got questions. *spoilers*

#1KyoKusanagiPosted 11/24/2012 4:40:46 PM
So is Edge dead or forever stuck in the Sestran Network? It really threw me off when the game told me to press the button to deactivate the towers. I was like, "What Button? I don't want to skip the video!" I got the idea that he sacrificed himself to deactivate the towers, but did he really?
Learning that you were the divine visitor was a bit of a letdown; an ancient would have made sense. A certain group had to have had enough remorse for creating the towers to destroy them for the dystopia they made.
#2bultje112Posted 11/25/2012 2:13:38 PM(edited)
edge died the moment he fell into that cave. the soul of the divine visitor took over the body simply for finishing what was planned all those years to destroy the towers, the dragon needed a rider. 2 halfs made 1 and that's also why the dragon was so close to you edge he died. simply because the soul of the divine visitor was looking for a capable body and mind. and found it miracously in edge. did you play the other panzer dragoon games, because it's kind of a must imo to understand all parts of the story. the most important dragon rider was always lundi, the one who raised the dragon lagi/heresy dragon/project.

check and read as much as you can. the story is incredibly deep.

here is for instance and interesting theory about the divine visitor.