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another solution for getting through Sestren dialogue on SSF (Archived)DW62318/13 6:00PM
Just bought this game (Archived)Rogziel2k28/1 6:38AM
you are worthy to live among the gods (ending spoiler) (Archived)GeorgesIV15/20 9:40PM
just started... (Archived)purplefox1911/17 2:13AM
Thinking of buying Azel Panzer Dragoon (Japanese version?) (Archived)Reyes7J310/21 5:09PM
Uru Passage Glitch (Archived)tendollarbanana27/27/2014
So I emulated this game and ... (Archived)volmaut67/6/2014
Is it worth the steep price and buying a Saturn for? (Archived)Gamenamebully96/12/2014
Just picked this up (Archived)AIRBORNE_uk86/7/2014
Glitch (?) In Uru Passage (Archived)
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Where is the PDS Love? (Archived)viderus93/5/2014
New review (Archived)
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Are there different versions of the US release, something regarding dialogue. (Archived)kiramasaki31/14/2014
weird gltich. (Archived)liamx2000311/27/2013
Alternative way to get "Dragon Bible" (Archived)mled610/25/2013
St key or action replay for playing panzer dragoon azel (JP) on American Saturn (Archived)peanut_Breath18/10/2013
Cannot continue past Sestren dialogue on SSF [Solution] (Archived)set12815/25/2013
I'm selling this garbage for 100 usd (Archived)
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The battle system (Archived)kimaochi74/26/2013
Finally caved in and bought this game--$235 shipped. Complete (Archived)
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