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I'd have to buy a saturn and this game... (Archived)
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Is this game really worth the price tag? (Archived)
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I really doubt I will ever be able to afford this. (Archived)Dee_man_45911/14/2008
Should games be treated like movies? (Archived)tendollarbanana411/5/2008
No encounters? (Archived)masteryasha711/2/2008
One day Saturns will be impossible to get (Archived)Great_Pudding_3611/1/2008
God damn sniper bids! (Archived)
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What's the battle system like? (Archived)JackGreb310/30/2008
A Question (Archived)gorypaldin2210/26/2008
Can I jump into this without playing PD and PD2Zwei? (Archived)jhockey9710/9/2008
Finally snagged my copy off ebay, can you rate my final price? (Archived)
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If I don't like role playing games, will I like his one? (Archived)SaikiC79/25/2008
How many copies of PDS sold in the US? (Archived)mshake032969/7/2008
Quick question before I make my wallet cry (Archived)
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Quick question about Panzer Dragoon Saga and SSF (Archived)DarthShrimp49/3/2008
Ending interpretation. *spoilers* (Archived)
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I'm thinking about getting just the first disc of this game. (Archived)Ferret7538/23/2008
just got the game.... (Archived)real_bacon_boy58/5/2008
Is $200 worth it for (Archived)URMonkeyTron47/27/2008
Aronak Unit? (Archived)winds_0127/27/2008
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