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Sticky~~~Official Perfect Dark Board Guide, version 1.0~~~ (READ BEFORE POSTING!) (Sticky)
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Length of gameLFBlackLabel48/27 3:49PM
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Foxhound3857188/27 10:39AM
Why should I buy perfect dark????Drakeln77788/25 11:19AM
Slayer Races! (Originally posted by Grimdark)MI4 REAL28/25 9:57AM
Favorite Perfect Dark Quotes?
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GothamsSavior468/25 9:53AM
The Carrington Institute's enemy accurany isGodOfWolves88/16 12:59PM
Name your favorite weapon.
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Carrington Villa: Hostage One: Special Agent: 2:30.
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GothamsSavior158/7 7:13PM
G5 1:40 agent (Archived)
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GodOfWolves128/5 11:41AM
Attack Ship and Skedar Shrine were meant to be bonus levels? (Archived)Lewis_Egan108/5 8:09AM
Shameless self promotion..Did a 3min video on PD vs Goldeneye. Check it out! :) (Archived)Selectanelement97/28 8:25AM
Glitch in Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine? (Archived)Brave_Pirate77/24 4:37PM
Harder than Perfect Dark? (Archived)GodOfWolves97/20 3:24PM
I have encountered a strange glitch... (Archived)GothamsSavior87/18 12:36PM
Carrington Institution Perfect Agent (Archived)GodOfWolves106/25 10:52PM
Did you 100% this game? (Poll)Alan_00X106/21 8:44PM
Online players? (Archived)AcidGlow14/19 11:40PM
Is There A Stat Modifier Code to reach Perfect Rank? (Archived)Anthem5942/25 11:55PM
What would you like in a genuine remake or sequel? (Archived)Anthem5932/25 5:07PM
i am an idiot (Archived)Saunders09562/24 9:26AM