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Need some Gameshark codes

#1KobobblePosted 7/28/2008 4:49:44 PM
can't find a good site for gameshark codes.
anybody wanna help
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#2KaleidoscalpPosted 7/29/2008 8:01:18 AM
The only site left was but that site just disappeared about a week ago... Out of nowhere. Not sure of any other sites nowadays. :(
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#3Happy_SackPosted 7/29/2008 1:50:32 PM
Try google?
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#4KaleidoscalpPosted 8/2/2008 10:50:58 AM
Um... Google's just a search engine... Do you even know what you're talking about?
But if you see Buckethead setting up corpses like an audience, there's a good chance of live music...
#5KaleidoscalpPosted 8/3/2008 8:00:08 AM
Using Your GameShark With Perfect Dark
You'll need one of the newer GameShark Pro models to really hack Perfect Dark. A 3.3 or higher is highly recommended.

You'll need to enable the Zelda keycode before your GS will boot up with Perfect Dark.

There are two subdivisions of Perfect Dark GS codes: high and low resolution. Low-resolution codes can only be used in the Combat Simulator, because they only function when Perfect Dark fails to detect the N64 4MB Expansion Pak. High-resolution codes can be used in any game mode, but only with certain GameShark versions and the use of a special enable code (see below) to allow the game to detect the Expansion Pak and to prevent it from crashing upon startup or not starting up at all.

Please note that not all codes will work with all GameShark versions. Trial and error is sometimes the only way to determine which codes work with which GameShark versions.

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Enable Codes

The appropriate code must be active if you wish for your GameShark to function with Perfect Dark.

GameShark Pro version 3.3 or higher high-res enable code:

FF1EAE00 0000

Or, if you can't get a code to work with that enabler, try this alternate one:

FF000220 0000

Now, on to the other codes!

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High and Low-Resolution Codes

Extra death animations in Combat Simulator. This code will add several very cool death animations that normally only show up in solo missions to your multiplayer games. These include choking, elaborate flips, wild limb-flailing, etc. Works in both high and low-resolution. Code by hack master with modifications by me.

80070769 0019
8007076B 0038
8007076F 0086
8007076D 0088
8007076F 0089
80070771 0091
80070773 00A7

But if you see Buckethead setting up corpses like an audience, there's a good chance of live music...
#6KaleidoscalpPosted 8/3/2008 8:00:55 AM
Sky color modifier. These codes allow you to set the color of Perfect Dark's skies. They work in all game modes (solo, multiplayer, etc). The first line regulates the amount of red in the sky, the second green, and the third blue. Mix them to create any color you choose. The "????" represents a value of your choice. Setting all three color values to 0000 results in a black sky. Code by hack master.

80081060 ????
80081061 ????
80081062 ????

Custom weapon modification. A GameShark and a copy of this guide are all you need to begin creating your own customized weapons for Perfect Dark solo and multiplayer use. You can set just about everything. Primary and secondary functions, sound effects, clip size, zoom, whether your weapon can be “doubled up”, and more. Guide by SquareGuru.

Perfect Dark Weapon Modification Guide

As an example of what can be accomplished with the information in this great guide, here's a sample weapon. A silly little version of the Devestator that I like to call the Toilet Launcher:

8106D956 0186
8106D9BA 0186
8106D94E 805C
8106D9B2 805D
8106DA1A B100

New Falcon 2. This code will modify the Falcon 2 (scope) into a new version of the Falcon 2 fitted with both a silencer and scope! There are a couple tiny graphic glitches, but overall, the effect is perfect. Code by Wreck7.

8006B78F 0074
8006B7B6 00B3
8006B7B7 00BC

Slayer in all solo missions. This code modifies the standard Rocket Launcher to fire fly-by-wire rockets like the Slayer! Now you can use fly-by-wire rockets in any solo mission. Sometimes they explode right when launched, so invincibility is recommended. Note that aiming straight up as you fire seems to prevent this premature detonation. Code by Wreck7.

8106D6E2 D7C8

IR Scanner in multiplayer. The Perfect Darkness cheat is almost useless for multiplayer games because the Night Vision that you start out with disappears after you die once. The X-Ray Scanner is a poor substitute to say the least. This code will modify the X-Ray Scanner to work like the IR Scanner, making Perfect Darkness a much more viable option for multiplayer. Also great for spotting cloaked adversaries. Code by Wreck7.

8106F73A F520

I have some more so just let me know if you want them.
But if you see Buckethead setting up corpses like an audience, there's a good chance of live music...