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8 years ago#1
I've heard so much about those emulator things and I really want one! Where do you get them, what are the minimal system requirements, is there online play, how much are they, can you play them with the WASD and Mouse setup, what are the benefits, changes, etc, etc, etc.

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8 years ago#2
Use Google.

Linking you to them would only cause problems.
8 years ago#3
Yeah, I have no idea if it's against the TOS or what, and yes you can use mouse+keyboard setups.

Project 64 (emulator)
N-Rage plugin [1.8] (has mouse support)

(I don't think it's against the TOS to mention those as neither does anything by themselves).

My set-up runs the game fine. Aiming is a bit off sometimes because the analogue stick isn't as fine tuned as a mouse obviously, but if you play it enough you become used to it. There are some graphical issues, no sky for one, IR scanner doesn't work (under any set-up), sometimes there are "cracks" in various places, and things such as the coronas and some other general lighting features are not present. Overall it's well worth it though.

A simple Google search will have given you all of this information though.
8 years ago#4
And the fact that the reticle moves on the screen will annoy the crap out of you most likely when you use the mouse
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8 years ago#5

BakedGoodsEtc (#004)
And the fact that the reticle moves on the screen will annoy the crap out of you most likely when you use the mouse

Everyone likes that. Except you, apparently.
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8 years ago#6
Ok with the controller yes it's excellent, but with a mouse it's harder to turn and aim properly
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8 years ago#7
Thanks. I downloaded Project 64 onto my USB Flash Drive on a different computer because mine doesn't have internet, but my computer broke when I tried to turn it on when I got home!

It still doesn't work!


Anyways, does Project 64 make use of the mouse and is it like Counter Strike where you turn and aim independantly with the mouse while using the WASD keys to move forward/backward/strafe?
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8 years ago#8
You can use the mouse and customize your controls
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8 years ago#9
Although the system requirements aren't all that high, N64 Emulation in general is (obviously) much more demanding than, say, NES and SNES emulation. Even so, my outdated 1.7ghz Athlon XP with 128 MB Radeon 9800 Pro can run Perfect Dark with only the occasional framerate hiccup. If your specs are better than that, you shouldn't have any difficulties with playing the game.

As far as I know, it is possible to do online multiplayer with any of the standard emulators. It being a direct clone of the game means that you'll be forced to play splitscreen, though. I'm sure some people would have issues with that

As mentioned, since N64 Emulation is still imperfect, you'll run into a few minor graphical issues throughout. One of the few that'll give you issues is the IR Scanner, which is more-or-less required to bypass the invisible guards in the Deep Sea level. The best way I've found to avoid this problem is to "downgrade" the graphics plugin from "Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6" to "Jabo's Direct3D6 1.5.2". Although it doesn't have the red tint that the IR Scanner uses, It'll allow you to see and auto-aim the invisible guards as if they are ordinary enemies. (If I recall correctly, both Jabo's graphics plugins are included with the most recent release of Project 64, if not, they are easily found.)

I've ran into a few situation were the game simply outright froze between levels. Nothing too major, just Alt-F4 out of the emulator and reload the game. It's really more of an inconvenience than anything else

If you're going to be using the keyboard-mouse setup, it is recommended to set the in-game control scheme to 1.2, the analog joystick doesn't emulate very well to the keyboard buttons

If your computer's specs are beefy enough, it is possible to set the emulator to include such graphical filters such as Anisotropic Filtering (up to 16X), Full Screen Anti-aliasing (up to 6X), and the ability to use Super2xSal textures. If you look hard enough, I'm sure you can find some hi-res texture packs floating around the internet

If you are one of those cheating types, any emulator worth half a damn comes included with a built-in gameshark and save-states (which are much like the quicksaves seen in PC games)
8 years ago#10
^You hit the nail on the head, though I will add that the Glide Napalm plug-in fixes any graphical errors, however (at least in my case), the push on hardware is far worse. My PF stated I was using 1.8Gb of memory at one point (in total). I tweaked the graphical settings and it went down a bit, but it's still far more intense than Jabo's plug-in. I'm not 100% sure if it's worth the extra performance trouble or not, but it makes a difference seeing sky and having the lighting features working properly. The frame rate also takes a hit,which alters audio performance.

You really have to find what works for you.
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