How do you beat Area 51 (Mission 4.2)

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5 years ago#1
I get to the point where I have the lab tech outfit. But when I get it, Objective 3 isn't complete, and all the guards STILL recognize me. When I try to get into the cryolab, the guy recognizes me and says "WE HAVE A SPY, CALL SECURITY!" Help?
5 years ago#2
What Agent ranking? And the cyroroom is where the conspiracy evidence is and only needed to be done in Special Agent and Perfect Agent. Do you mean autopsy lab? Is there no one there? If so, it's because you need to complete the other objectives before it. If he is there and not letting you in, it's because you have a weapon out or haven't used the disguise.
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5 years ago#3
Press Pause and scan down to the Lab Clothes and make sure you select it by pressing A unpause and you should hear a "whoosh" like Noise and it will tell you that you've completed that Objective. Make sure you go in unarmed when you go in the Lab.
5 years ago#4
It's quite obvious that you didn't put on the disguise.
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