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So was VKing/DKing real? (Archived)Sxmfct22/6/2013
just bought this (Archived)mystcrawler31/2/2013
How do I change weapon percentage using gameshark codes? (Archived)kencaesi312/29/2012
Caves Boss hardest boss ever faced? (Archived)Darkhorse248711/3/2012
From what I understand . . . (Archived)andsoitends48/12/2012
I hope there is a PSO track in Sonic & Allstars Racing Transfomed (Archived)PedroMontana37/30/2012
When PSO was first released.... (Archived)XxD3ADLYXx56/6/2012
(XBOX) PSO Episode I & II Returns (Archived)spade88_16/3/2012
Why do people love every Phantasy Star game except for Universe? (Archived)PedroMontana55/19/2012
Any one else looking forward to PSO 2? (Archived)
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who else HATED the guys with the hacked Spread Needles?? (Archived)50inchDLP54/16/2012
Why do people call this the best version? (Archived)Emurozii72/22/2012
Post your old characters here. Maybe we can reunite with our old friends. (Archived)HesitantEvil48/18/2011
I don't want PSO re-released on the 360 (Archived)
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PSO 4Ever! (Archived)
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should i get this game (Archived)wmichon65/3/2011
In all honesty, which version of PSO should I get? (Archived)LukeFordTheMan93/7/2011
Question about techs (Anti/Resta) (Archived)DarkKen87103/4/2011
dont u need dial up to play this on dc? (Archived)Lazay727211/26/2010
game of the decade (Archived)Timba8u311/22/2010
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