i want to play this game..

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6 years ago#1
hey! I would like to play this game but i dont have an n64. what are the options for playing this game. has it been released on any other systems or anything?

6 years ago#2
pilot bump.

6 years ago#3

So did I, in fact I just bought it yesterday. Sadly, no there is no other legal way of playing this game.

6 years ago#4
is it as good as the SNES version (which i loved).

I need to check how much an old N46 costs.

6 years ago#5
is it worth buying an n64 for just this game? (probably not..)

6 years ago#6

I never played the snes version so I couldn't tell you but honestly it's not worth buying an N64 just for this game. An N64 is worth buying for a lot of games, some of which I still play.

6 years ago#7
might leave it. especially as i already have PS2, DS and gamecube. it will take forever to go through all the decent games on these systems..

6 years ago#8
*cough* emulator *cough*

Geez, bad cough, sorry :\
I r Ninja. I eat brains.
6 years ago#9
*cough* which emulator is best *cough*

Phew. Sorry. Also got a bad cough.

6 years ago#10

When I said legal I wasn't encouraging anything. I myself can't stand playing my N64 games any other way than on the system itself.

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