gamespots score is stupid

#1davidsworld3Posted 12/28/2010 5:27:16 AM

Wow a near 9.0? This game was boring as hell it never even got a sequel which might have been interesting only good level I know was where you destroy that titan are there no one that really thought about posting on this? Only reason this game got good score was because it was a new game so had 3d tech but really was pretty bad in my opinion but remember playing it for a long time was interesting but ultimatly doubt anyone really plays this anymore I dont even remember the last time I have played this or seen it at gamers or anything.

#2RabidToaster1Posted 1/3/2011 2:12:17 AM
I actually quite like it - for it's time it was very good, and even now I can play it and enjoy it. In saying that, I can understand how someone might not like it. I suppose it's just one of those games that you either love or hate (as some of the quick reviews show).