It's been 15 years

#1MewpooPosted 3/29/2011 5:27:20 PM
But we FINALLY got a new Pilotwings game, and even despite the inclusion of the forsaken Mii's, this game is pretty faithful to the N64 and SNES classics

Rocket Belt, Hanglider, Planes, you name it, sadly no Gyrocoptor, but this can be overlooked. Hell even a cameo from our favorite mecha titan Mecha Hawk, he's become a softy lol.

Hard to believe it's finally happened, even HARDER to believe this cart the size of a Cheeze-It is more powerful than an N64 cart, oh how time passes, but not until now is it so apparent to me
#2DruffPosted 3/30/2011 4:01:17 PM
Yeah, IMO Pilotwings is the closest thing to a killer app for the 3DS launch. The other day I got the original Pilotwings on VC and the nostalgia was powerful. It was never exactly one of my favorite games but it was one of the first I got for the SNES and I probably haven't played it since 1991. I never bought Pilotwings 64, I borrowed it from a co-worker for a few days back when the N64 launched. Would be very fun to play it again now.
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