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StickyPokemon Gold Info Topic - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING (Sticky)
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getting past team rocket in the undergroundgregt3518/3 12:42PM
So I'm trying to catch 'em all.mu69537/21 10:21AM
I can't speak Japanese!Oriann_d27/21 9:39AM
So I wanna play this again.. (Archived)T0mmyt3abag23/12 12:50PM
Can I preserve my battery by unsetting the clock with the time change code? (Archived)amp88833/2 6:54AM
Doing an LP of this! (Archived)Go_Go_Pikachu62/18 3:04PM
Just ordered this for 22 bucks shipped, with original box and manual. :P (Archived)NewportBox100s51/6 11:25PM
Anyone playing this at the moment? (I'm modding my DMG for it) (Archived)adzix41/6 9:24PM
anyone still have a working copy of this game? (Archived)crazyisgood54/11/2014
Just rolled over Red with... (Archived)genestealer43/27/2014
Are shiny Pokemon a GBC only feature? (Archived)cool_boy_mew32/16/2014
could you get togekiss in pokemon heart gold? (Archived)mj_webb22/8/2014
Experience all 6 generations (Archived)FanMattai21/30/2014
I did it!!! (Archived)Gray_Panther51/27/2014
Goldenrod underground Switch Puzzle (Archived)loumast111/29/2013
Should I play this game, or Crystal? (Archived)Kyuutoryuu311/15/2013
bad clones (Archived)NebulaBlue111/12/2013
Best of the series? (Archived)alexg1989311/12/2013
Battery tab snapped off during change (Archived)greeniceman111111/10/2013
13 Years Old in America Today (Archived)dees1010511/8/2013
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