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RIDE THAT SURF! (non caps) (Archived)
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This game really feels like it cheats me sometimes (Archived)Oynx54566/15/2012
Two Players Battling From Game Boy - Is One Transfer Pak Enough? (Archived)Oak_Tea66/8/2012
hall of fame issue (Archived)GustyGuttsy26/1/2012
Surfing Pikachu (Archived)Juno12335/16/2012
Rate this squad por favor! :D (Archived)MachokeAwoman25/2/2012
I am going to try to beat this with only rentals (Archived)gamerman5764/21/2012
How is this game a..... (Archived)Pika_number_one34/12/2012
Is the only difference between R1 and R2 the stats? (Archived)DarkChocobo4733/11/2012
Can I make a full team with only one cart using the transfer pack? (Archived)DarkChocobo4773/6/2012
Mew glitch on pokemon stadium (Archived)Imnothuman53/6/2012
serious problems with this game (Archived)Ash_Gamma41/2/2012
Best team WITHOUT game boy games... (Archived)nswayne211/16/2011
Round two petit cup please help (Archived)gobluefan101211/5/2011
Round 2 Lass pika cup rentals (Archived)panicattack1357210/28/2011
How does this game save? (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram910/8/2011
Generation 5, and no Stadium Equivalent? (Archived)HeWhoRuns310/6/2011
does any body have the prima pokemon stadium stratagy guide (Archived)link6138919/24/2011
Gamespot has no idea how to review games (Archived)Juri_Licious49/15/2011
Can you start pokemon at levels other than 50 without having one of the GB games (Archived)crazyisgood39/14/2011
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