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Can you start pokemon at levels other than 50 without having one of the GB games (Archived)crazyisgood39/14/2011
L50 enemy Prime Cup opponents? (Archived)Catacombs38/24/2011
How did this game not get an 8? (Archived)AresWarrior17/2/2011
Found my old Gameboy Pocket and Pokemon Red and Yellow (Archived)wisemidds46/10/2011
rental team for viridian gym leader castle round 1 (Archived)mario61325/25/2011
Sign here if you like this game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Transfer Pak troubles (Archived)Alienore74/9/2011
When is the remake on wii (Archived)blade623143/29/2011
REALLY dumb question (Archived)PLUTO4433/24/2011
Poke Cup and Prime Cup rentals (Archived)megamaster12522/5/2011
Is this a remake or a sequel to Pocket Monsters Stadium? (Archived)quittaboi7821/9/2011
Why is this game not in today's top ten? (Archived)MaskedSheik21/9/2011
This looks to be an exciting battle! (Archived)
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Pika Cup Round 2 (very difficult with rentals!) (Archived)Mr_Presidente512/9/2010
Rental users, are you having trouble against Sabrina Round 2? (Archived)Mr_Presidente112/1/2010
Struggling with R2 Petit Cup (Archived)lukeskywalker66711/30/2010
Surge's Gym Round 2 (with Rentals only) (Archived)Mr_Presidente211/29/2010
Prime Cup Ultra Ball Round 2 (rental only) discussion. (Archived)Mr_Presidente1011/27/2010
team building for Poke/Prime and Petit cup (Archived)aldenbulldog311/26/2010
Here it comes, Thunder! (Archived)cocomunga411/16/2010
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