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Is it possible to transfer previously saved team on N64 to the GB game ? (Archived)Tekkaman_Gamma25/2/2010
Sooo what's this game like? (Archived)overlordofemo54/19/2010
Can you use the GB version of the game on a ROM of this game (Archived)luis_hilario34/10/2010
Would you guys consider reading... (Archived)ShinyFeraligatr83/18/2010
So I did a physical vs special match the other day... (Archived)FuzzyJello13/12/2010
Level spreads for Poke Cup (Archived)SaigoKarasu23/9/2010
Pokemon competition between me and my friends, need help! (Archived)Chilly8222/5/2010
Alright, I'm starting a playthrough log, where I beat the game 100% with only... (Archived)FionordeQuester22/5/2010
What cup would you say has the best music? (Archived)pokemaster308812/4/2010
Getting this for the first time (Archived)CaIiber34581/24/2010
Rate My R2 Petit Cup Team! (Archived)Bias_Logic21/20/2010
Nido queen (Archived)megaman84561/14/2010
If you want your pokemon to Stand a CHANCE in Prime cup from a GBA game... (Archived)Chao_Dragon712/29/2009
After nine years, I finally did it... (Archived)espio87212/29/2009
Am I the only one.. (Archived)Cookies_Own812/29/2009
Can you name all the Mini-Games in Pokemon Stadium 1&2? (Archived)RomanticWaluigi112/11/2009
DS Remake (Archived)SCARYBLENDER112/3/2009
This or Stadium 2? (Archived)lax_guy123411/2/2009
Where can I find this game(price doesn't matter as long as its not TOO bad) (Archived)Zephiel080310/19/2009
Just beat round 2 after many years of putting it off. (Archived)cocomunga210/13/2009
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