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Sticky25 Things All Users Should Know & Help Forum (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 ]
asakura_m2S19991856/5 8:40AM
My Yellow NuzlockeMissingno_Mastr17/25 6:12PM
It seems that Elite Four gives less experience in proportion to the Gym Leadersslk_2367/25 9:49AM
Rate My Team (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Yogos186/17 10:01AM
Pokemon Showdown Gen 1 Battles (Archived)ANG3LR1PP3R24/28 10:24AM
Is Pokemon Blue or Yellow the true definitive third version of this generation? (Poll)slk_2374/1 4:12PM
Are Pokemon games worth more with the original box or new cases?? (Archived)black953233/25 4:57PM
Pokemon Yellow Version 2.0 (Archived)Xanderlise52/23 4:14AM
"I've collected these Pokemon from all over the world!" Girl on SSAnne (Archived)Keldean82/16 4:59AM
Jpn yellow compatible with EU Stadium? (Archived)perfectlydark172/8 12:14AM
Body Slam can't paralyze Normal-types (Archived)MaskedSheik91/15 1:04PM
Has anyone replaced the battery? (Archived)NewportBox100s71/14 10:44PM
I hope I'm not Jynxing myself, but... (Archived)FrostMeister31/3 2:45PM
Would it be faster to solo the game with a Nidoking or Mew? (Archived)AlexTheNextOne512/14 1:55PM
Mew glitch question (Archived)nissan skyline112/11 1:52AM
Was there ever any talk about how Lavender Town might have had its own gym? (Archived)slk_23312/10 11:14AM
Felt like playing since its been years. (Archived)jdlong212/7 11:08PM
Is it better/worth the effort to raise a lower-leveled and unevolved pokemon? (Archived)ExtremeGamerz612/4 11:03PM
My Yellow Playthrough (Includes Mew Giltch!) (Archived)ChronoCactaur111/20 12:26AM
attention gunbladelad (Archived)lloyd0117611/18 11:28AM
Capturing Mew (in case nobody knew about this) (Archived)Designer_FF711/17 1:25AM
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