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I'm not playing at the moment - I'm recharging the batteries for the GBC itself, lol. Blue is still plugged into the GBC, however.
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Can I evolve my Pika-pika?
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I've heard reports that the "Stoneless Evolution" trick has been ficed in yellow, so the best option would be to simply catch a Raichu.

Check the first post on the basics on the Mew / ditto Glitch. You can use the ditto Glitch variant to get one. All you'll need is a pokemon with a special stat of 85. If you use a gameshark device, then the "catch any pokemon" code would be 0155D7CF
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From: FoulSakahagi | Posted: 7/23/2010 9:06:08 PM | #159

Fancy seeing you here, Revolve.
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dratini360 posted...
Can I evolve my Pika-pika?

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Wow, just wow.

You responded to a question I'd already answered 18 months ago (albeit with a typo...)

Thankfully, as this is a really quiet sticky topic, it's fine.
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No posts in all of 2011. Crazy.
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And 4 posts in 2012. It's strange how that works.
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I hate seeing such a great game have such a quiet board...
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Let's make 2013 the final year for this thread.

To 500!
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