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9 years ago#1
So I haven't played this game in literally years, but me and some of my friends decided to have a tournament. What would be the generally accepted best team(with movesets). The only restriction is no gameshark. Thanks.
Why would I want to drink a white drink that tastes like yellow?
9 years ago#2
Here's a little list I just made, Just note that I really like Blastoise but you can pick either of the three

Eevee (Any of the three evolution)

I hope this was some what of a help, I don't really know about attacks, maybe someone can help with that. Also, I think it's sweet that you are play this game, most people won't do that because of all the new stuff!!! UR COOL!
SoL SgtTaylor
9 years ago#3
Thanks for the help, are there any other good teams out there?
Why would I want to drink a white drink that tastes like yellow?
9 years ago#4
Many of those are nowhere near the best.

Mewtwo and Mew aside, here is a much more accurate list:
9 years ago#5
Thanks, that list was very helpful, I appreciate it.
Why would I want to drink a white drink that tastes like yellow?
9 years ago#6
LOL, some of thoughs pokemon aren't worth poop.
SoL SgtTaylor
9 years ago#7
And Hitmonchan is? I suppose you support the awesome power of its elemental punches?
9 years ago#8
These guy suck @$$. My brother was the best at this game he had 20 of every pokemon all level 99 and beat the game over 30 times, and these things that you call pokemon SUCK!


SoL SgtTaylor
9 years ago#9
Chansey, Slowbro, and Snorlax are hella good. Lay off the crack pipes there son. I haven't tried the others yet, but those are good. And your so full of BS. He either cheated, your full of bull (most likely), he's full of bull, or he just has no life. Snorlax is amazing in defense from what I recall, Slowbro has amazing attacks and attack power, and Chansey has amazing HP and some decent attacks.
9 years ago#10
had 20 of every pokemon all level 99

This shows his noobishness.
^Well, your stats aren't great either. Your attack is sub-par and your speed is quite laughable. - mbollige

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