Unlimited items in yellow?

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5 years ago#1

Does anyone know if you can get infinite items in yellow and if so can you post a link or step by step directions on how to do it?

5 years ago#2
There's no infinite items glitch, but you can duplicate them.

Look in the Glitch Guide and/or the Missingno. FAQ and research what you need to do in order to find Missingno. From that point on, it works the same as a Red/Blue Missingno. and will allow you to duplicate items.
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5 years ago#3

^ I've tried looking around but no success. Does anyone know step by step what to do or can direct me to a link they know works?

I just want multiple thunderbolts and ice beams.

5 years ago#4
You either didn't look hard enough or didn't comprehend.

1. Obtain TM13 or TM26.
2. Place the TM in the sixth Item slot.
3. Encounter Missingno. using the aforementioned glitch.
4. Profit.
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5 years ago#5
A slight edit: TM26 is Earthquake. You want TM24.
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5 years ago#6

I've tried that I've used the Mew glitch and ran into a bunch of Missingnos but every time my game freezes so I turn it off and try again but at a different special rating but every time it won't work. If you or anyone else knows exactly what special level gets me a missingno that won't freeze or mess up my game let me know.

5 years ago#7
I've heard of at least a special of 184, is a safe MissingNo in Yellow. There could be more safe specials, though I don't know them.
5 years ago#8

Just found out something every special works that gets you a Missingno. If it don't work the first time just keep doing it and it will eventually get you a normal Missingno and give you over 100 of whatever you want.

So if it freezes or starts acting goofy just restart and do it again.

The 2 trainers I know that give you a Missingno. are swimmer 2 underneath the Fuchsia gym and the guy in the very east corner in vermillionwith the other trainers in the grass. He has a Growlithe and a Vulpix.

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