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User Info: EmPee4Tyyy

4 years ago#1
1. Chansey - sofboiled,TBolt,Ice beam, psychic

2. Marawack - bonmerang, Flamethrower, double edge,

3. Dragonair - tbolt, T Wave, ice beam, agility

4. Electrode - Explosion, Thunder, Refect, t wave

5. Aerodactyl - skyattack, agility, hyper beam, rock slide

6. Snorelax - Rest, Double edge, toxic, subsitute

All pokemon are level 50,
I'm link battling my friend (level cap is 50)

Following is banned; Alakazam, starmie, eggsacuteor, dragonite, legendaries, evasion and accuracy moves, 1hit KO moves.
San Jo Bay Area!!!

User Info: EmPee4Tyyy

4 years ago#2
Inb4 tean

Also no gengar
San Jo Bay Area!!!

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