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Well, just like I once predicted, I'll be talking to myself
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shiva488/23 11:28PM
Combat Core Kickstarter - A Power Stone like Arena Brawler Alpha Demo Available (Archived)DarkBiohazard16/11 6:30AM
What game was Power Stone inspired buy?? (Archived)KISSTOKILL11214/17 2:58PM
item book translations (Archived)Rukuss2k11/17 8:23AM
Got this game for 47$ at a local shop (Archived)DarkhorseActual212/31 11:35AM
Fitting Room changes do nothing.. why? (Archived)glow162312/22 4:42PM
Got my fourth Dreamcast, been playing PS2 A LOT (Archived)shiva111/20 2:54AM
You weren't meant to beat the game Solo on Level 8. (Archived)wanderingshade69/24 1:47PM
Pete is the best character your arugments are invalid (Archived)PETE_IS_FEET16/1/2014
I used to hang out on this board during the game's release. (Archived)BlazinBlue8811/20/2014
Shocking (Archived)shiva37/26/2013
Feeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! (Archived)PETE_IS_FEET82/27/2013
Vote For Powerstone on the Capcom Survey (Archived)Masterkou212/22/2012
Don't understand the item system... (Archived)AIceste39/25/2012
12 years later, everything and its mothers has been released with online play... (Archived)shiva19/25/2012
Power Stone 2 Video for Skillionaire (Archived)simbasan27/6/2012
If this ever gets released on Xbox Live.... (Archived)Vyse_skies16/29/2012
This VS MvC 2 (Archived)PedroMontana25/31/2012
Making this game relevant. (Archived)simbasan25/3/2012
Gunrock 3D Model! Check it out! (Archived)PowerStunna44/19/2012
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