Where do I find the magnum?

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7 years ago#1
Hi! I am a moderate fan of Resident Evil. I played through and bought Resident Evil 4 and 5 over the last year and a half. Great games. So for my birthday my mom got my Resident Evil 1 for PS1.

I was greatly excited. I rented the Gamecube version for two nights and thought it was fun. So this time I picked Jill instead of Chris since I heard it was easier. Now with Chris I remember picking up the magnum in the graveyard. I cannot find this graveyard anymore.

I know it is important I find the magnum as it was essential to me beating the plant boss and I recently botched up on a pair of dogs and a snake. Using 3 full health herb combinations and about 20 shotgun rounds. So where can I find the magnum with Jill?
7 years ago#2
with Jill use flame rounds on the plant, it makes quick work...don't waste the magnum on that plant! Save the magnum for your return to the mansion...you will thank me later.

flame rounds can be found in the room right next to where you fight the plant, a little bathroom with a lone zombie or two.
Those zombies aren't the only things crawling around out there, Ben - RE2
7 years ago#3
Do you mean the frog man? Yes that was the last thing I did upon returing the game to the rental store. I fought the frog man but I stuffed a grenade in his mouth to kill him, something you cannot do in the PS1 version.

Very well, I will save the magnum when I find it and I will use flame rounds on the plant boss. Do I have to use my two remaining explosive rounds in my bazooka before I can load it with flame rounds? Also again where is the magnum in this game? Thanks!
7 years ago#4

For Jill, the magnum can be found in the tiger statue room. However, you will first need to find the red jewel...
este - 9 1/4 represent0r
7 years ago#5

So you are saying it is not even possible for me to get the magnum before I have to battle the plant boss? Not that I would after being recommended to use the flame rounds.

Someone please answer my question about the grenade launcher.
7 years ago#6
If you're looking for a graveyard, then you're playing the GameCube REmake version. If so you need to be asking on its board.

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7 years ago#7
^ Obviously you didn't read the original post my little friend. Reading is a great talent that noone should take for granted. By reading you can find out all sorts of useful information and communicate more effectively with others.

In this case, I cleary explained that I am playing the PS1 version, having played the Gamecube version in the past. You can find the PS1 Resident Evil board here:


The correct answer you should have given, had you read the original post, would have been ," Hi Chilly82! The graveyard you describe is only in the Gamecube remake and not in the PS1 version! That said the magnum in the PS1 version is find this the location of _________"

Thanks to the other poster who told me where to find the magnum in Jill's game. Is it somewhere different in Chris's game?
7 years ago#8
Is it somewhere different in Chris's game?

este - 9 1/4 represent0r
7 years ago#9
Alright! Thanks for your help guys! I truly appreciate it!

I look forward to continuing this game once I finish off Uncharted 2. From the way things are going, I can see I will be buying the Gamecube version!
7 years ago#10
It's in a different (and ironically easier) location in Advanced/Arrange mode. It doesn't change locations based on the character you're using though.
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