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7 years ago#1
where do you find the crank i found the cogwheel but i can not find the crank
7 years ago#2
In the A game, the crank is located in the evidence room ontop the cabinet...make your way through the room and its the last one against the wall... In the B game, Leon finds it in the Chest in the back of the Chief's Armor Room(where you find and talk to Sherry as Claire in CLaire A) and Claire finds it in the Dog Kennel in the Basement Prison...
7 years ago#3
I'll tell you what, most of the items are easy to find in this game, but capcom did a nice job spreading out the location of the cranks for the different quests, and I commend them for that :)
7 years ago#4
the details definitely were not overlooked as far as item placement goes...everything is right where you'd expect it to be in the B quest from the A quest. CAPCOM can be amazing when they put a little effort.
7 years ago#5
maybe it's just me, but the items being located in different spots from the different quests kind of gives the game a haunted house vibe, if you're like me and think about ghosts (or zombies, it doesn't matter) moving the items around. I like thinking about that.
7 years ago#6
those zombies are sinister...trying to foil my quest by moving items around from their original positions.
7 years ago#7
Hey, be grateful.

They could've been REAL SADISTIC sonsof*****es and messed around with two cranks, ala RE1/3.
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7 years ago#8
Yeah, but only scrubs get them mixed up :o You just inspect one when you get it if you really have to, then it becomes "square crank" and "hex crank".
7 years ago#9
You don't even need the 2nd crank in RE 3. Its there only if you want the extra ammo in the back alley by the bar.
7 years ago#10
yeah, and after going through RE3 on hard mode over 15 times now before even knowing about that crank and extra ammo, I can say for a fact- that ammo ain't important in the least!

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