I have green herbs growing in my front yard and I found an old type writer in my

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Friendly, you might keep getting more of these. My dad ordered some "male enhancements" awhile back. (I'm 19, I have no need for any of that... yet). He kept getting dvds on the mail almost every month. Since he and my mom doesn't like any of that he his them somewhere never to be seen again.
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Haha didn't know they do those things. Hmm wait so if they try to sell you some condoms the messenger is a beautiful girl?
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Couldn't afford them, that's why you always have to get them through hairy cashiers with accents.

Good point- that's what it should have been. Of course that means instantly throwing the entire envelope in the trash :)

And then every envelope that shows up from now on!

Actually that's entirely possible. More than possible, I think you're exactly right. Wow, marketing that's actually fun! :)

Marketers actually did something right? Amazing!

Oh I didn't know the post office would stick their nose in my business. Well if they do complain, they'll just need to open up the envelopes being sent to me... and relax in the back room :)

I think they only complain if there are too many things being delivered to you at once. But if you need to get rid of some things then yes, I'm sure there are some postmen who will gladly help.
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Haha, he'll help by working his weiner hard and over :)

Yeah, marketing that actually makes me pay attention. I mean if naked women is the only picture-related thing I pay attention to online and you're working in the market and looking to make me an interested customer, taking me straight for the female body parts and doing the nasty is the only way to go about it, lol.

Well if I get any DVD's I'll be sure to watch them... but you just know that it's only a matter of time until one comes in that shows how viagra works so you see a man skinning his carrot and showing how fast his weiner hardens and ejaculates, lol
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Postmen work hard, they play hard.

Obviously it made you pay attention, but it doesn't seem to have completely worked since you don't plan on buying any Viagra. I'm sure marketers would love to make all the recipients become impotent, but they'd surely be hunted down and killed as a result.

Even worse if they're ejaculating onto skinned carrots!
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The ****?
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You're right, I didn't buy the viagra! In fact just receiving porn in the mail was a surprising enough turn on that made my weiner harden up, so that's even less reason to purchase viagra. Well it was a noble idea at any rate :p

"Even worse if they're ejaculating onto skinned carrots"


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So to sum the topic up....
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...No, you will not be safe as resident evil 2 has a room with a typewriter and zombies in it.