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Chris or JillAlecAtheSensfan95/28 7:05AM
Regarding today's poll of the day (Archived)cyberhoodlum74/20 2:53PM
Chris advanced - Meeting Rebecca glitch?! (Archived)jvrlopez53/21 12:29PM
Is the endgame art always the same for each character...? (Archived)WarGreymon7753/18 11:46AM
Just got the original 2 disc version, but... (Archived)jvrlopez33/18 8:26AM
There's a teleporting zombie in Advanced Mode? (Archived)KegIuneq312/10 7:07AM
Infinite Rocket L. replaced Infinite Colt? (Archived)charalambosnik111/20 4:00PM
One thing I love about this (Archived)Hello4438110/27 11:06PM
Gonna pick up an old file. General re appreciation thread (Archived)BuffyCanSlayit310/27 10:39PM
I'm really tryingt to do a blind playthrough of this... (Archived)TsunamiRoar49/11 7:13AM
Weapon damage (Archived)ChrisHanson2448/9 3:25PM
Can you not get killed by a Hunter scratch, or was I super lucky? (Archived)peach freak98/4 3:27PM
Lol. Its fun trying to speedrun this game with the knife! (Archived)MHbountyhunter16/20 1:32PM
Arranged Mode with original outfit? (Archived)Moopy25/28/2014
Auto aim off? (Archived)RatB2025/22/2014
Phew... what a playthrough (oddities) (Archived)CrimsonMoonMist34/14/2014
Movement Controls. (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer34/6/2014
Can you attack Plant 42 with the Knife? (Archived)peach freak34/5/2014
First time playing (Archived)
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Get this game FREE If you have a playstation 3 (Archived)IndegoRune63/20/2014
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