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Can you attack Plant 42 with the Knife? (Archived)peach freak34/5/2014
First time playing (Archived)
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Get this game FREE If you have a playstation 3 (Archived)IndegoRune63/20/2014
If there was one reason why I prefer DC to the original RE (Archived)peach freak53/17/2014
Free on PS Home! (Archived)SpikeSpiegel23/9/2014
The save room music reminds me of the clock tower song in RE3 (Archived)CrimsonCerberus12/16/2014
who do you like to play more chris or jill (Poll)cyan100131/24/2014
Resetting the game (Archived)EleXorious111/29/2013
Help me please..(minor spoilers)) (Archived)Mixture42054/27/2013
just played this for 4 hours... (Archived)Skarz8992/9/2013
dual shock version soundtrack (Archived)His0ka31/10/2013
how much farther (Archived)GroundJordan51/7/2013
So i just killed every enemy in Jill's Advanced Game (Archived)
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Any way to get the original music? (Archived)YawnTheSnake1011/19/2012
the worst part about this game... -.- (Archived)RatB20311/7/2012
What's the easiest way to play this game? (Archived)Super_Chelsea511/4/2012
Does any1 on here ever get things mixed up with the remake? (Archived)guitarguy3349410/5/2012
Im bored today so i think im gonna play the original release of resident evil. (Archived)guitarguy33491010/4/2012
Just a question guys!!!!! (Archived)guitarguy334999/1/2012
the inventory screen glitch saved me some time and health (Archived)guitarguy334938/22/2012
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