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Resident Evil Psone Classic (Archived)Sirasam138/18/2012
Do you think RE has aged well? (Archived)
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How am I supposed to get past the snake the first time? (Archived)Zero_Maniac88/16/2012
ONE (And possibly only) thing the Dualshock Soundtrack did right (Archived)
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Do hunters respawn in the mansion? (Archived)Rioken57/11/2012
Can I open this door? (Archived)FhckChris47/11/2012
ITT: Link to a mentally-deficient user's review of this game! (Archived)Recoome_is_god27/5/2012
End Results Screens, main difference of Jill vs Chris ? (Archived)Ballistic_kiss86/25/2012
Colt python infinite ammo glitch not working? (Archived)Coryo6182736/20/2012
Jill Valetine is not the master of unlocking this girl is (Archived)majin nemesis66/15/2012
Topic continuation: Difficuly difference between Original, Beginner and Arrange? (Archived)CobraSA16/12/2012
Who should i play re1 with (Archived)bloodytitan4106/1/2012
Whoa! Here are all the Variations for the Game. SPOILERS, duh... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ]
Just so we're 100% Clear, Infinite Colt Python can ONLY be unlocked for Arrange? (Archived)LORDCOSMOS35/29/2012
How to save all characters in arranged mode...? (Archived)peanut_Breath35/24/2012
Game saves and stopping the time. (Archived)HeeroXXXG-01W35/10/2012
RE 1 vs RE 1 Directors Cut (Archived)
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How to get Rebecca killed (Archived)lizardo_manson45/9/2012
I like the live-action Jill. (Archived)WarGreymon7785/6/2012
Rebecca or Jill? (Archived)
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