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To Brad Vickers... (Archived)Dekay1353/22/2012
Realistic Blood & Gore?!!! (Archived)ESRBrules33/19/2012
How the hell can I control the charcter with the analog stick ? (Archived)TheHAR63/14/2012
So, who stole the bodies? (Archived)RobertKendo7733/8/2012
Seriously how did anyone beat this game at launch with no Internet walkthroughs. (Archived)
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What are the differences between the original RE1, and the DC? (Archived)Kashmir7563/8/2012
Favourite RE game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Does the knife-pause trick work in DC? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Chris story (Archived)Hollowichigo79031/28/2012
Who did the voice over narration? (Archived)Megangardian11/27/2012
About the music (Archived)kosmos10031/6/2012
Scary? (Archived)
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I have a stupid question about the elevator leading to the helipad at the end (Archived)peach freak1012/27/2011
tell me what i need to do next? (Archived)EnemyWithin88712/22/2011
Got this game on PSN. (Archived)Pink_a_Dink412/19/2011
Which rooms does the computer in the lab unlock on B3? (Archived)peach freak312/19/2011
Capcom accidentaly put original censored intro into the game? I don't think so. (Archived)ESRBrules412/18/2011
F'd up controls? (Archived)Romulus-Prime612/12/2011
I just realized something that I really like about Chris's playthrough... (Archived)peach freak611/29/2011
What would I need in order to play the original Biohazard on..... (Archived)belkotar411/29/2011
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