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Scary? (Archived)
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I have a stupid question about the elevator leading to the helipad at the end (Archived)peach freak1012/27/2011
tell me what i need to do next? (Archived)EnemyWithin88712/22/2011
Got this game on PSN. (Archived)Pink_a_Dink412/19/2011
Which rooms does the computer in the lab unlock on B3? (Archived)peach freak312/19/2011
Capcom accidentaly put original censored intro into the game? I don't think so. (Archived)ESRBrules412/18/2011
F'd up controls? (Archived)Romulus-Prime612/12/2011
I just realized something that I really like about Chris's playthrough... (Archived)peach freak611/29/2011
What would I need in order to play the original Biohazard on..... (Archived)belkotar411/29/2011
Arrange Mode is tough! (Archived)SMASHMASTER42811/18/2011
Is it possible to get Rocket Launcher by finishing the game on Beginner mode? (Archived)
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I don't remember the graphics being this bad... (Archived)
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about to complete this game for the first time.. (Archived)Danstars11011/7/2011
Aftter all of the times Ive played this game... (Archived)Matman3030211/5/2011
You know... (Archived)Unforseenaction1011/5/2011
Am I the only one who prefers the DUAL SHOCK soundtrack? (Archived)
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Yawn fight in attic (Archived)peach freak711/2/2011
Is there a way I can change the controls to the analog sticks ? (Archived)TheHAR310/31/2011
New to the original RE's, some questions (Archived)GamerManiac187610/30/2011
How is this compared to remake and other RE games? (Archived)
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