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You guys are gonna hate me for this, but... (Archived)
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Which version do you guys recommend for a newcomer to the series? (Archived)X195102/19/2011
question about new game+ (Archived)Stefmeister742/15/2011
Changing Difficulty (Archived)zetto1331/31/2011
About the runs under 1 1/2 Hours (SPOILERS)... (Archived)BeerSxRepeat71/23/2011
Really Random Variation in Chris's Scenario... (Archived)BeerSxRepeat81/22/2011
The Biohazard version is much better than english version. (Archived)PoderosoTimao212/16/2010
quick question (Archived)crisiscorekid312/15/2010
good endings (Archived)crisiscorekid212/4/2010
infinite magnum ammo? (Archived)crisiscorekid312/3/2010
Is Arrange mode supposed to be the hardest? (Archived)
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My return to RE: DC (Archived)
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If I don't fight Yawn in the attic, will he be stronger in the music room? (Archived)ShadowEdgeX510/13/2010
Is Barry > Wesker? (Archived)
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Anyone has pics of the costumes? (Archived)zzamaro310/3/2010
Stuck at very end.. (Archived)ChadwuzHere49/17/2010
Does anyone else hate the underground portion of this game? (Archived)Love2H8Gill89/17/2010
just ordered this off ebay. (Archived)CalciferX8529/16/2010
For some reason, maybe nostalgia, maybe not... (Archived)WarGreymon7778/31/2010
Damn, what a great game (Archived)BroD28/26/2010
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