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6 years ago#361
The ninja sprites running around Wakatu are all (except for one) just normal random Undead fights, with BR randomized between normal, -1, and -2, and capped at 9 (which is pointless, really, since 9's the max, anyway).

The one exception is the blue ninja sprite on the screen with the TwinDragon. That sprite leads to a Scripted Encounter with 3 uber-Ghosts, which are (sort-of) unique. They have extra HP and different Abilities and Items Equipped, but the rewards for fighting them (drops, Absorbs, Spark and Stat-Up values, etc) are exactly the same as for normal Ghosts.
6 years ago#362
Didn't someone's encounter or monster faq say that Ghost Touch was missable?
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6 years ago#363
Yeah, the Tier Flow guide says something like that, but I think we agreed that you could get it from the evil-Ghosts, and JZ just didn't update it.
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6 years ago#364
[i]Choosing any Mystic Weapon Ability or any Ability Absorbed in a Mystic Weapon counts as using a Sword Ability for Stat-Growth:
d0193040 0010
30193040 0000
d0193058 0011
30193058 0000
d0193064 0012
30193064 0000[/i]

thought you might want to know that this code also prevents you from absorbing new monsters into your mystic weapons. so it shouldn't be used if you think you might run into something you'll want to absorb.
6 years ago#365
sorry for the double post, but would you happen to have a code to let Asellus start in Mystic mode?
6 years ago#366
battle that is, like the Alkieser code you listed a few pages back
6 years ago#367
would you happen to have a code to let Asellus start in Mystic mode?

For functionality (to always immediately get the stat-boosts from her Absorbs and be able to use the Absorbed Abilities in her Mystic Weapons, etc), all you need is this:
30010516 0043

If you use one of her Mystic Weapons, she'll still appear to undergo MysticalChange, but she DOES count as transformed even before that.

The change from this code is lasting, so you don't really need to keep the code on, though it's always possible that some event(s) in her Scenario could return her to normal, meaning you'd have to use the code again.

If you want to return her to normal yourself (say, to be able to grow stats like a Human again), you'll need to use this code:
30010516 0041

If you want her to start battle already looking like her Mystic self, you can use this:
30010501 0037

but if you're playing Asellus' Scenario, this will also cause your Avatar on map screens to become Asellus in the outfit she has on when she first wakes up in Chateau Aiguille (a blue top and pink shorts). This is because the game uses the same byte of her Status Block to look up both her map sprite and her in-battle sprite, but the same sprite ID # (37) calls a different sprite for her on the map than it does in-battle.

This change is also lasting, so to return her to normal, use this code:
30010501 0005
6 years ago#368
Is the Stasis/Overdrive thing a bug, or is it intentional?
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6 years ago#369
Is the Stasis/Overdrive thing a bug, or is it intentional?

Total bug, no question at all.

The reason it happens is that there's a part of the Generic Effect Process which runs after every specific Effect Process (meaning after Stasis is inflicted, when you use StasisRune) which checks if the current Target has the Stone or Stasis Ailments (and when you use StasisRune, both you AND your intended target become Targets, so this will happen to both of you). If it does, then the game ham-handedly zeroes a whole bunch of stuff. One of the instructions zeroes the entire word (a group of 4 consecutive bytes) that happens to contain the bit that signifies Overdrive Status, but since, as it's written, this happens for both Stasis AND Stone (the latter of which can't even be inflicted on someone in Overdrive) and it zeroes the entire word, of which that bit is only 1/32, this can hardly be considered intentional, precise removal of the Overdrive Status as an intended result of using StasisRune. It's very likely the developers just never considered the possibility that anyone in Overdrive would ever be in Stasis (or Stone), so they thought they could get away with being quick but imprecise.

Anyway, that Overdrive Status bit is what's used later on to decide whether to inflict the Overdrive End effects (0 WP, JP, Ammo, and revert to 1 Action per turn). Since it was sloppily zeroed as a result of targeting yourself and inflicting Stasis, you avoid that process and keep all your WP, JP, Ammo, and extra Actions.

The interesting thing (and the primary reason why I say it's DEFINITELY a bug) is that StasisRune is NOT the only way to remove Overdrive Status from yourself before you suffer the Overdrive End effects. Anything that includes a Dispel effect will do it too, again in a totally ham-handed fashion, again meaning it's almost certainly not intentional.

Next time you're in Overdrive, try using SnakeOil on yourself (as any of your Actions--it doesn't even need to be the last one). It will accomplish the same thing, allowing you to keep all your WP, JP, Ammo, and extra Actions, without having to mess around with being in Stasis and either losing several turns or using a SnakeOil anyway to cure yourself early.
6 years ago#370
So the only question now is whether to call is SnakeDrive or Overbite.
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