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5 years ago#1
I'm gathering info, resources, and connections in order to build a SaGa Frontier community forum, with very specific features. To do so, I'll need everyone's help. Now, the questions:

*Does anyone have any experience as an admin or web master, for a website or message board/forum?

*Does anyone have any experience with PHP (by which I mean

*Does anyone have any experience - or better yet, expertise - with any tools or software suites used to create, maintain, administer, and modify web forums or message boards? I NEED FEEDBACK as to which set of software suites is best for the task at hand.

*Does anyone know how to use mods which create custom forms?
**Forms which, when completed can generate entries in a searchable and browsable database, and which will create topics and posts in a dedicated board or sub-board?
*** The entries themselves will each contain a small *.7z or *.rar file, a description, a set of keywords, and a list of other database entries which this one makes obsolete, which are related to this entry, or somehow conflict with this entry.
~Fanatics, Unite!
5 years ago#2
While I have some experience running messages boards, the first one was set up by someone else and the second was simply invisionfree (which, however, seems to work fine...)
Nagas on a plane! ^_^
5 years ago#3
I don't know anything myself, but I've been a member of a PHP board for many years now and could ask some people.
There's a fine "li" between "obvious" and "oblivious."
5 years ago#4
Please do. I'll PM you a relevant link. And you'll get a PM too, DragonAtma.
~Fanatics, Unite!
5 years ago#5,5903.0.html
~Fanatics, Unite!
5 years ago#6
I have basic knowledge to setup VPS with kloxo as the cpanel
5 years ago#7
Why can't we stay here?
5 years ago#8
Oh, that's easy; Mir_Vimes is afraid an ex will arrive and prattle on about how sonic should be added! :

Seriously, though, it'll make things easier because the board'll have features that gamefaqs doesn't.
Nagas on a plane! ^_^
5 years ago#9
Why do you want to stay here, DoomSwell? I want to know, seriously.
~Fanatics, Unite!
5 years ago#10
I prefer vbulletin-based community.... gamesfaqs is great but we cannot make for example, subforums
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