does anyone know why sega refuses to release seaman 2 on the ps2 in usa?

#1PSOGuy25Posted 11/9/2010 3:49:50 PM
all bad puns aside, seaman was a very great game when the voice recognition program worked right. you end up really bonding with that fish thing over the course of the game, and when i found it for $8 a few yrs ago, i became an instant fan even with the wtf segments of the game.

i imported a copy of seaman for ps2, the remake made by, well, not by sega but a company called ascii. the game boasts a jungle environment to hunt bugs, an ocean to drop seaman into, new evolution paths and a better voice recognition program than the dc version had.

my question is why sega didnt release the ps2 remake in japan? and why 3yrs and 1mo ago, in oct 2007, sega published seaman 2 in japan when they werent even involved with the ps2 release of the seaman remake? and why the company is refusing to release the game here in the usa when they released the original on the dreamcast. i became an instant fan from playing the game, im sure many other people out there love this game as well. thougyh i know the crowd of people is really small. i am very sure the fans would want to see seamn 2 released on the ps2 before the system is considered dead. i would also like to see the ps2 remake of seaman released here before the final swan dive of the ps2 as well. for anyone interested please call sega of america up and demand ththe seaman remake for ps2 and seaman 2 for ps2 to be released here in the usa!

here is the phone number to call for those interested:

sega of america
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