Found Cedar!!!!

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7 years ago#1
For those of you whom cannot seem to find cedar, I found him/her/it.....

if you look at this link:
It's a pic of the Dungeon well....from where you start head south...there are two easten one that makes a J and a western one that dead ends.....

one would think you go to the dead end and go to the dead end.....take one step back then hit C.....

Congrats you found Cedar :)

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7 years ago#2

That Link I mean
7 years ago#3
That is one of the trickier ones, took a while to find my first time. And most maps of STHA are liers when it comes to that faerie. Good for you though.
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7 years ago#4
What's Cedar for?
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7 years ago#5
Cedar is the name of one of the faeries, namely a Pixie.
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7 years ago#6
Are these locations even complete?
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7 years ago#7
Probably not :P They will be in my FAQ once it's done. Should be in about a week.
"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets."
7 years ago#8
ya for me. I always ending up with 47 or 48 pixies, which mean i have never seen or got the pixie bell b4, for some reasons.
6 years ago#9
6 years ago#10
actually, i am quite surprised that u need to take a step backwards to find cedar. Same goes for the one in east shrine (the one in the puddle of water near the tree trunk). No wonder long time ago when i played, i kinda missed out these, hence never got pixie bell b4.

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