Found Cedar!!!!

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6 years ago#11
Yeah, it's certainly an odd pixie. Took me a while to figure it out my first time. Adn subsequent times after when I hadn't played in a long while :P
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6 years ago#12
yeah... I am actually re-playing this currently, hence will say this too. wahahah
6 years ago#13
hhmm, i am currently in mirage village / tower of illusion. After clearing the tower of illusion, i realized i've missed the 9th leprechuan. So i went to one of the guide and it states the "outside mirage village before the puzzle to tower of illusion". Kinda surprised that the pixie is there though. Same like the one in graveyard catacombs (cedar ?).
6 years ago#14
wa desire mine also got 1 i almost missed it niaz. Its at a wall out of nowhere (not corner or dead end). lolx
6 years ago#15
bump bump bump... no one comes here anymore ? Lolx...
6 years ago#16
yet another bump....
6 years ago#17
Yeah, I looked at many FAQs, and the descriptions are always a little lacking. I ending up finding her too, though, by raping the ground in multiple places.
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