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5 years ago#1
I'm trying to find the Dragon Axe for Basso and I have no clue where it is, and I have two mithril ingots remaining which I haven't made anything for Doyle or Forte. Who should I use them on and what should I make for the remaining characters?
5 years ago#2
You get it from the Weapon Shop in Mirage Village. Its a Special Deal that has a random chance of popping up whenever you talk to him. Just spam talking to the weapon merchant until it pops up.
5 years ago#3
Thanks for your help, but how should I use my last two mithril ingots? Forte and Doyle are the two characters I haven't made any equipment for.
5 years ago#4
This was copied from the FAQ written by Xhoyl:

Mithril Ingot

Mystery Ankh (6/16)
Mithril Tiara (5/16)
Rage Wand (4/16)
Demon's Robe (1/16)


Mithril Ingot

Dragon Suit (6/16)
Mithril Claw (5/16)
Fuma's Helmet (4/16)
Demon Mask (1/16)

I don't remember what I used to give to Forte but I always got Mithril Claw to equip Doyle.
5 years ago#5
What he said. Mithril Claw is amazing for Doyle. I swear it triples his critical chance.
5 years ago#6
ya u can reserve 1 mithril ingot for doyle's mithril claw. Somehow, its awesome. As for the other one, i got not much comments. Forget most of the stuffs already. Think one day i also must replay this game.
5 years ago#7
bump.... .....
5 years ago#8
I thought you could buy the Mirthril Claw for Doyle in Desire village? Obviously has a special. Hmmm, maybe not. I don't remember.
"Now there's a face to break a few thousand mirrors!" - Shirox from Dragon Force
5 years ago#9
i don't know how you can play this game....i hate it so much. sooo claustrophobic...i don't know how i beat it. i'm so glad they stopped making this type of game.

what's funny is that i got stuck for several years in that one dungeon with the stupid snake that keeps blocking your way lol
5 years ago#10
no, u can't buy mirthril claw for doyle. The only way is to use mirthril ingot and make. The weapon is kinda awesome niaz, imo.

@ SpookeyDonkey : U just started playing this game only ? Tell us how u dislike it then. And u mentioned u can't beat it ? U mean the final boss ? Or ?
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