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5 years ago#21
ahaha for a while maybe yes. Cause pple who are new to the game will prolly asks some stuffs. And yes, like u it is one of my first few rpg back then too. Oh to add in, till now, STHA is still my fav game. In fact it ranked 1st. hehee
5 years ago#22
this is one of two games that I bothered to buy the REAL nonpirated version of. this and the japanese copy of fatal fury (3 maybe?) because i liked the manual. i spent $70 on this game I think and the copy was selling for $5!

i kinda miss this game now and the good memories it gave me...but i could never get myself to play after i beat it its just too horrible lol i hate how slow the game is even though i love the series. now if the combat were sped up a bit...or even the walking areas it would be a lot less frustrating
5 years ago#23

Playing a game like STHA is a magic that is disappearing because of the actual gaming market and I'm glad I can go back in time anytime I want to play games like this.
5 years ago#24
Up, up, up.
5 years ago#25
happy new year to everyone here !

HHmm, do u just played the game recently ? Please take note that this is a 1997 release game on sega saturn. So after so many years, naturally u will think its slow. I hope u dun think this way. Think of how games are back then in 1990's.
5 years ago#26
no i got this game after it was released for a year i think. the feelings i wrote about were formed back then. it was slow then, and it's not getting any better now lol. i especially hated trying to get special items from the shopkeepers, so annoying.

maybe i can get this running on an emulator and skip frames to make it bearable? hhh honestly though while i actually like the 1st person dungeon crawler style a lot of times, for some reason i don't like Shining games in that style. who knows though maybe i'll give it another go one day.

another thing i hate about shining games? why do i get the cool ninja/samurai dude near the end of the game where he's useless/outclassed by characters i didn't want from the beginning! i hated getting the secret guy in this one and he wasn't good enough to use. not that i remember clearly...memories are hazy now.

i encourage everyone to post their memories of this game lol hijack the topic!
5 years ago#27
I haven't really touched the game recently (though I will in the future). I have played through all of it many times throughout the years. One of my favorite games of all time, probably one off my most played through games. Usually though, in the passed years I've been trying to figure out how the game works and edit cause that's what I like to do. Whenever I play it now is usually for that, though, I haven't found much else out since the editor release. I wish I was smarter. xD

Anyway, looking back:

When I was a kid, I remember I got stuck in 3 parts of the game on my first play through.
I wasn't using a guide, nor did I ever use the internet really at this time.

First time was South shrine. I couldn't figure out what to do really. Always got to the end and didn't know what to do. I think I was promoted level 20 or something by the time I figured it out. The rest of the game fights were really trivial due to this on this play through.

Next was the East Shrine. I don't think I knew how to hold the button to step to the side till here. The door where you needed to use the button to open the timed door to get the Crystal Jug I think for the water if I remember right. Was stuck for awhile here cause I couldn't figure out how to get passed the door.

Last was the Tower of Illusion before I could even get inside. I couldn't figure out the puzzle to get in the Tower in the first place. My Uncle needed to help me do it.
4 years ago#28
yeah, agreed with your points. When i started off playing this, i know tower of illusion is definitely a "stuck" part. NEed to refer to guide or faq back then. I still still got other areas where i am stuck b4 that too. Can't really remember already. Ya, maybe one of the shrines too.
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