Sorry guys, been a while.

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5 years ago#1
So, I know I keep saying I'm gonna work on my FAQ, and I know I always fail to do so. I just want to let you know I do plan on finishing it sometime...when on the other hand, is another issue entirely. Right now college is making it tough to find the time, but during winter break I'm hoping to get at least a little done. Anyway, thanks for not giving up on me completely fans. All two of you :P
5 years ago#2
Finding the time to actually do these things is quite hard.

Good luck!
5 years ago#3
Looking forward to reading.
5 years ago#4
yeah, can just do it slowly. Anyway, quite good to see your passion in making this guide for the game, although its been so many odd years already.
5 years ago#5
I just started playing this yesterday. I've never played a first-person jrpg before. It's been unique and fun so far.
5 years ago#6
Wow, didn't even know you could dash in this game. Got lost in Aborigine Mansion because of the knob-less doors. Took me 2 hours to beat because of that lol. Just got Bassot and some cool spells. This game is great :)
5 years ago#7
oh ya... u can dash in the game. Maybe u can refer to the faqs available for more info needed. YEs, this game is really awesome and till now (had been 10+ years already) it is still my all-time top fav (rpg) games. hehee
5 years ago#8
I remember seeing a video of this game and couldn't believe hoe great the firs person sprites and everything looked. unique game in that way for me a 9/10 and a hidden gem
5 years ago#9
a great bump... happy cny to all !

And yeah, the sprites and stuffs are realy unique in some ways, considering back then in 1997. Still one of my top fav (in fact 1st) games till date, and prolly forever !
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  3. Sorry guys, been a while.

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