Plugged in my Saturn yesterday! 15 hours into game already :D

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4 years ago#22
Sn4k3Ey3S posted...
yeah, how's your progress coming along (in your new laptop) already ? Or u are still stopping it since last time ?

I made it a little farther. The new laptop is a BEAST and is able to more fluidly emulate the game. Unfortunately I have had to resort to emulation since my Saturn memory card went missing and the internal battery has been shot since I got it back in 96. Also, my parents managed to lose the power/av cables after I moved out. But at least it allows me to play on my lunch hour, at home, on the go....

As for my progress.....

I made it through the snake tunnels. Hero (lvl 4), Rodi (lvl 2), and Melody (lvl 2)have all ranked up with Basso (lvl 19) lagging behind.

There is one question I have.....Is it ok to sell off the random keys that are acquired? Like the Crystal Key, Key to Mansion, etc? I am always leery of selling "key items", but since my party has limited inventory space, they are occupying valuable real estate.

Anyone remember when saturn-world use to be around and they have all the maps images captured with pixie location?

Oh god yes!! I remember that site and I had downloaded the maps and may even have some printed out somewhere in my old video game junk!! Does anyone remember the full web address? I'd be interested to put it into the internet wayback machine to see what comes up.

Space for rent........
4 years ago#23
All keys are sellable once you've finished the dungeon you get them in. So you can just sell them for cash. And even if you did need then, they go in Specials section of the shops, so you could just rebuy them anyway.
4 years ago#24
For maps, you can use wolfgang's site:
4 years ago#25
Keep in mind there are some inaccuracies with those maps, as my FAQ points out :P But I still use them for general reference.
4 years ago#26
I am really enjoying getting back into the game. In my "spring cleaning" of my inventories I have decided to try to do some blacksmithing prior to heading to South Shrine. Has anyone had any success in creating the 1/16 Mithril Ore items? I tried for 45 minutes going for the master ring and came up with a fat load of nuffin!! Anyone experimented with the luck stat? I ended up keeping a Mars Chain THINKING this may help.....but it doesn't seem to for me.....or maybe I am just unlucky!
Space for rent........
4 years ago#27
The Mars Chain and Artemis Ring aren't fantastic stat wise, but they occupy separate accessory slots than most other items, so they're worth it if only for that reason. As far as the 1/16 items go, yeah I've gotten them. Only like one or two though. When it comes down to it, it's all just about luck. A 6.25% chance is always going to take a while.
4 years ago#28
Some of the mithril accessories aren't available at first, at least according to the official guide released in japan.

Here's the thread where I forgot about it and asked someone to remember for me:

Of importance to you is this part:
1. Mars Chain and Artemis Ring are available after Galm was met in his mansion
2. Attack Ring, Wisdom Ring and Master Ring are available after Rilix is defeated in Enrich Castle
4 years ago#29
That's right, can't believe I forgot about that. Though to be honest, I advise people to wait until after the Enrich gate is opened before they do any mithril crafting anyway, but that info would still be useful for anyone who disregards my advice. I'll definitely add it to the next version of my FAQ, which should definitely come a lot faster than this one did. :P
4 years ago#30
It's easy to forget about that one. I've done it a few times now.
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  3. Plugged in my Saturn yesterday! 15 hours into game already :D

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