My Second Ever Shining Game

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4 years ago#21
Man Enrich Dungeon. I once went there early before doing all the mansion stuff, so I was under leveled. I got into a battle with those blue spinning things that can call backups. They couldn't kill me, and I couldn't finish them off. I was up to Striker Pod W before I reset knowing I couldn't finish them off. That would have been insane experience for my level at the time.
The 984 Has Spoken!
4 years ago#22
Indeed. By my second or third playthrough I had learned to clear out (not 100%, but to a reasonable extent) each dungeon before progressing, so I'm able to get past Enrich Dungeon (and beyond) without any power-leveling. But I still remember my first time in Enrich Dungeon like it was yesterday. Man, those enemies were scary. I certainly did a decent run of grinding before I was able to get through there; when I first arrived, the Siren Beasts could wipe out my party even if I was at full HP and MP!
4 years ago#23
bump.... ......
4 years ago#24
And again.
You became the boss. You are great.
4 years ago#25
It's funny now to think about this being my second Shining game that I played. Back then, obviously, I didn't have any real indication that any of the Shining games besides Shining Force II were great. Yet I remember being extremely psyched to play it. I guess reading over all the stuff on the Shining series at Shining Force Central got me all eager to try out a few more games in the series.
4 years ago#26
What the hey... I like this thread, so I'm bumping it.
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