My FAQ has been updated.

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3 years ago#1
As of this writing it is still being content reviewed, but I imagine by the time anyone sees this it will be complete.

Now, it's still not finished, I just added South Shrine, Enrich Dungeon Revisited, and a little blurb about Doyle and Blacksmithing. But I intend to work further on it and hopefully finish it by this summer.

As always, any comments or questions are welcome. Thanks a bunch guys.
3 years ago#2
Okay, NOW it's been uploaded. Took a while since I uploaded on the weekend, which GameFAQ apparently doesn't work on. >_> Anyway, now you guys can check it out if you so wish.
3 years ago#3
Nice update. I did LAWL at the GINORMOUS spacing in the little math puzzle.

The funny thing is, when I started up my playthrough about 2 months ago I started writing a walkthrough of my own and had written up to the mansion when I saw a topic that you were continuing your work on the guide. Seeing that a quality guide was still in the works I chucked mine to the side.
Space for rent........
3 years ago#4
Woah, I thought you had given up on this. I'll have to give it a look when I get a chance, assuming that you are interested in suggestions and corrections?
3 years ago#5
Yeah, I'm definitely up for suggestions. I may not do them, but that doesn't mean I won't consider it :P If you find any grammar or spelling issues though, I want to know those for sure.
3 years ago#6
Yeah, I wouldn't expect you to take every suggestion. Anyway, I've just done a preliminary skim of the FAQ, and here are some initial suggestions:

1.You haven't been upkeeping the update history. Never a bad thing to have an update history.

2.I think I already said something to this extent on the Shining Force Central forums, but poking fun at the "easiness" of the game's bosses are is a walkthrough fad that really needs to die. If the player wasn't having trouble with the boss, he wouldn't be reading that section of your walkthrough.

3.For the Witch, you wrote "Personally, I would just ignore the mummies she summons, because she just brings them right back." First of all, this is incorrect; the mummy summoning is random, and she often goes two or three turns with no mummies. Second, you forgot that she can cast Attack (also not listed in her profile). A mummy by itself can be ignored, but with an Attack boost it can be a problem. I find it's a good idea to use spells like Lightning level 1, Hell Blast level 3 or (if you have it at that point) Brutal Fire level 3 whenever there's a mummy around. These spells do decent damage to the Witch alone, so it's not like you're wasting time, and if the Witch should cast Attack on the mummy, he'll be weakened enough that you can take him out before he gets off an attack.
3 years ago#7
Well, as I mentioned in the FAQ, my ability to make proper boss strategies anymore is damaged indelibly by my not playing with the original games code, and being uber leveled in order to survive said games new code. But thanks for the info, I will add strategies if people are willing to give them to me :P

Keeping an update history is hard for me, one, because before these last two updates, I hadn't done anything for about two years and keeping track of everything I did and changed from then would be difficult. And Two, I tend to update eclectically, randomly, and all together without reason, so knowing exactly what I did each update would also be hard.

As far as knowing what each update has, I always add a .1 for every major dungeon added after Mountain Cave, because from then on the remaining 5 dungeons are huge enough they take up about 50% of the game. (South Shrine and Enrich Dungeon Revisited (.6), West Shrine (.7), East Shrine (.8), Tower of Illusion (.9), and Desire Mine Revisited and Godspeak (1.0).

As far as the easiness thing goes, I only really did it with the Vampire, which I specifically did so because I actually thought he was easy in comparison to the Time Warrior, and I was disappointed as a result. If you disagree, then so be it, but I will not censor my opinions because it's been done before. This is not just a FAQ, it's also my way of venting and attempting some semblance of humor. Unfortunately, not all of it will stick :P I'm fine with that.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, always feel free to suggest anything else if it comes to mind.
3 years ago#8
The problem with "not censoring" (a little melodramatic, aren't we?) your opinions isn't that it's been done to death. It's that it (a)is insulting to your readers and (b)makes that section of the walkthrough completely useless. It's frustrating to get stuck on a boss and look up the only available FAQ for the game to find that the only "advice" it offers is "OMG this boss is so easy just dodge his attacks and hit him a few times and he keels over". And it certainly doesn't convince one that he should bother looking through that FAQ for actual information again. I understand your need to vent, but there are things called discussion forums where you can do that to your heart's content, so I don't understand why you think you need to do it in an FAQ.

Anyway, I've read through the first seven sections, and here are some more suggestions:

1.With regard to: "Take note that my directions are so that you will obtain every item and every faeire as soon as possible. My North, West, South, and East directions are also based upon the map you open with the Start button, which you should consult often." First of all, kudos on stating this, as many walkthrough writers fail to mention which conventions they're using. Second, I'd also include this info in the introduction, since not everyone is going to read your walkthrough from beginning to end. Of course they may also skip the introduction, but I think you'll catch more readers if it's there than not.

2.A significant typo: "Be weary, this hallway has many indents," That "wary", not "weary".

3.Correction: You don't need to say "yes" to Doyle. Neither at the bar nor in your room. In fact, if you say "no" to both his questions at the bar, you get some good dialogue when he appears in your room.

4.Also, Doyle shouldn't disappear when you leave the inn. This sounds like a glitch with the hard-type hack. I distinctly remember that in my first playthrough, I didn't talk to him until after the run-in with Lisa and Basso. In fact, the story flows more logically if you do it in that order.
3 years ago#9
So... any more updates coming?
3 years ago#10
Yes, definitely. I was just taking a break, since I went to my hometown for about a week to hang out with some old friends. But I will start working on the next update soon.
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