Favorite Soul Calibur title?

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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#1
I still prefer the original. It was the last one I played (SC2 being the first) and will always feel the best to me.

User Info: Vyse_skies

4 years ago#2
This one. It's by far the best one available to date.
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User Info: shadowboss3

4 years ago#3
1. Soul Calibur
2. Soul Calibur 2(gamecube version only), just because of Link :)

User Info: coffee gum

coffee gum
3 years ago#4
The original will always be one of my favorite games ever, let alone my favorite SC.

I had a few chances to play against some of the best SC1 players in the US...it was so much fun to see the different styles each super-competitive player brought to the table. SC2 was fun for a while too but I just couldn't get into it like SC1.
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